Virtual Assistant at $4/HR

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Virtual Assistant Perks

  • Minimum Hire: Part-time (20 hours) per week / Full-time (40 hours).
  • Hundreds of pre-screened, highly-qualified VAs ready to go
  • Save 70% on staff salaries ($4-$7 per hour)
  • 10 years experience/6800+ staff hires. Offices in Manila and Sydney
  • 24-hr termination period and staff replacement - both at no cost
  • Payroll, HR and Account Manager included
  • Peace of mind with hi-tech monitoring
  • Part-time (20hrs)/full-time (40 hrs) solutions available
  • Work to AU/UK/USA business hours

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is someone who completes a task or job for you. Most of them are freelancers or those who works from home. Virtual assistants can help you save a lot of time to focus on other important tasks while they work on the stuffs you delegate to them. You can chose to have your virtual assistant to work on administrative tasks or work similar to an executive assistant. Many businesses today, rely on workers like them. As a result, websites offering virtual assistants who can work remotely are on the rise. It’s just a matter on who provides the best worker with the lowest rate available. To know more about virtual assistants, here are some of the tasks you can delegate or outsource for a virtual assistant.


For many SMEs, balancing the control of costs without compromising quality, can be a tough one. Hiring a Filipino VA allows you to substantially reduce your operating costs so you can redirect resources elsewhere. The world has discovered the value of what Filipino Virtual Assistants can deliver against the cost of what you’re charged… it’s priceless.

High Level of English Proficiency

Largely due to the American influence in culture, coupled with an education system focused on literacy, the Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world.The Philippines’ literacy rate is 97.5% and as such, they are a highly-educated and literate nation. Your Filipino VAs have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with a majority possessing tertiary education.


The Philippines has a large and youthful population. The average age of a Filipino working in the BPO industry is just 25. This has added to the success of Filipino VAs, as they were born into a digital world and are quick to adapt to new technology. They are comfortable with the online space; they can set up your Outlook in a flash and help you to get it working on your mobile.

Large Talent Pool

The Philippines has an estimated 2 million babies born each year and a population that has doubled in the last 20 years. With such a young workforce, there is a large and abundant talent pool. Also, during the last decade and a half, the government foresaw the potential of the BPO industry, and invested heavily in the education sector. Now, there’s a highly-educated and professional VA talent pool, just raring to go.

Cultural Connect

The great personality and character of the Filipino people means that Filipino VAs are quite literally, just naturally good at their job! Hard-working, easy-going, flexible, enthusiastic, polite, and resourceful, Filipino VAs are great at organisation and are resilient; they can get the job done. Their colonial history has also led to them having a preference for foreign things which is clear in their preference for foreign fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, technology and consumer items.

What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You?

Data Entry or Encoding – Do you have lots of data that needs to be encoded online? Well, hiring a virtual assistant is the answer. They are highly resourceful, organized and experienced with these kinds of stuffs. They will encode your data systematically and manage them across multiple platforms so you can use them for your analysis when making crucial business decisions.

Email Management – When running a business, email marketing is a necessity. It is the most effective way of reaching out to your potential customers or clients. Your email list is of outmost importance to generate quality leads. Hiring a VA can do all the email management work for you. From email creation, sending and tracking, your virtual assistant makes your business standout from the rest.

Marketing and Social Media – Is your social media doing its job for your business? Getting your social media accounts active and performing needs a lot of time and energy. Focusing on this channel alone will leave you no time to do other important task to your business. But hiring a reliable VA will surely solve all your problems. Your virtual assistant will take care of all the social media updates and maintenance that your accounts need. With your reliable VA working on this, you can focus on other marketing task that your business requires.

Calendar Management and Scheduling – Ever wonder having someone taking care of your schedules or manage your calendar? Having a difficult time scheduling meetings, appointments and other important events? A virtual assistant can make things easier for you. They will organize and manage your meetings, appointments and work or business priorities.

Travel Arrangements and Research – Are you a frequent traveller or businessman that spends a lot of time moving from one place to another? Hiring a VA is probably the best decision that you make. They can take care of your bookings, making sure you are getting the cheapest but classy direct flights available. They will also take care of your hotel accommodations, making sure it is well located and of top quality, research on the best local restaurants in town, arrange your rental car options and more.

Payroll, Bill and Invoice Management – Hiring a reliable virtual assistant can help you with your financial woes. They will make sure bills are paid on time, send or receive invoices, maintain your accounting systems and records and many more. They can also do the job of following up on any late paying clients or customers making sure that cash flow is rolling in smoothly as it should.